My New Room

So I’ve moved today (with just a sofa-bed mattress and bedding) to the new house! I’m going to be blogging the progress time goes on and work is completed on my social media and website!

The ceiling has artex applied to it, we have stripped the wallpaper and I’m keeping the flooring as it’s high quality lino.
View towards the front of the property. The garage door was converted and a wide window was installed by the previous owners.
I can’t wait to get this ceiling plastered and cover up this ugly artex!
At the moment I am sleeping on my sofa-bed mattress as it was easy to transport from my apartment.
The room is joined to the house via the back of the living room so is quite separate.
There is a large radiator which runs below the second window (which opens into the conservatory).
The walls are going to be repaired and sanded before being painted (no wallpaper).
It looks pretty bare at the moment but I’m looking forward to getting my room completed and decorated as I want it.

Follow me on social media @glenconbeer to see how the full move goes! Thanks for reading!

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