All Moved Out!


If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I was getting ready to move out of my rented apartment. The key handover took place at the end of January and I thought I’d post photos of the apartment here. I managed to sell a lot of items and recycle, donate and dispose of others. The main reason behind this was that I am scaling down my belongings to move into a converted garage room.

Living/Dining Room

This was the living room and dining area of my apartment. It was open-plan and the kitchen adjoined it on one side. The room was quite big so when I lived here I had a separate living room area to dining area with lamps and rugs to help define the different spaces.


This was the small kitchen I had at the apartment. I had the cooker, hob and extractor fan already fitted and supplied but had all of my own appliances including washer-dryer and fridge-freezer. The space was quite compact but plenty of room for me as I was living alone there.

Master Bedroom

This was the largest of the two bedrooms with a large wardrobe (underneath a staircase for the apartment above). The room was too big really for my furniture so I left about a metre of space between the window and the headboard of my bed. This helped ventilation in the room and also made it feel more cosy.


This bathroom was huge. I had a bench in here and a set of stand-alone shelves. This helped use the space a little bit I think this space would have been better suited to the guest/second bedroom.

Spare Room / Office

This is the spare bedroom which I used as my office when I lived at the apartment. It was a small square room with a built-in wardrobe. The space was quite small and it would have been quite difficult to utilise as anything more than a single bedroom. It would have been better suited as the bathroom for the property.

Hallway / Entrance

This was the hallway and entrance to the property. It had a storage cupboard on the left-hand side which held the hot water tank.


I lived in the apartment for just short of my eighteen month tenancy and it was comfortable when I was there. It does need a bit of updating and modernisation including new carpets and laminate floors. I’m looking forward to the next stage of my journey towards living in a tiny-home and am excited to share this experience with you!

I’ll be posting updates soon showing my new bedroom and living room. Work is almost complete and I will be updating you regularly here on my blog.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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