Bedroom Decorated


My bedroom has been decorated and the larger furniture has been moved in. I have the bed, mattress, sofa-bed and television with units. I wanted to document the full move-in process including decorating and stylising my bedroom on my blog so I’ll be posting again when there is more progress made. I have popped some images below of the decorated room from different angles with captions.

This is the view towards the window to the conservatory. I thought by putting the bed in the far corner I could maximise space and include a clothes rail to the right-hand side.
Another view of the bed in the corner of the room looking towards the conservatory window.
This corner is probably where I am going to place a small bed-side table and my clothes storage rail.
Another view of the far-right corner of the bedroom.
This is the middle of the longest wall in the bedroom. As I will have a living area as well as a bedroom area I put the television in a central position. This way it can be viewed from anywhere in the room.
The storage units that the television is sitting upon store my shot glass collection. These are just about the only things I’ve collected over the years that I will be keeping and integrating/taking to my tiny home in the future.
Please ignore the awful green blind in this image. This will be removed and I will be replacing it with nets/voile and curtains.
Another view of the sofa-bed and position of it being close to the window towards the front of the property. This used to be where the garage doors would have been so a larger window is in place on this wall.
This is the door that enters the living room of the property. This little section by the door is the only piece that is joined on to the main property.
Another view of the door and entrance to the room. The door will also be replaced with an oak one shortly.


Thank you for reading and I hope you like seeing the transformation so far. I have chosen white for the ceiling and a grey for the walls. The floor is a thick form of high quality linoleum so I decided to keep this as was is in good condition and has a wood effect.

Thanks for reading and I’ll post again soon.

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