Bed/Living Room Reveal

After months of work and clearing through my belongings I have finally finished my bedroom and living room. I have included some images and videos in this post to show what I have done with the space and the furniture I’ve decided to use.

The entrance to my room has a sofa-bed, side table and a couple of lamps. This is handy for when people visit as this folds out to a 3/4 sized double-bed and is really comfortable!
Another shot of the sofa bed and window. I bought this sofa-bed and a footstool to match when I first moved into my rented apartment in Tenby back in July 2016.
This shows my TV and shelf above it looking towards the sofa and window. I have concealed the HomePod lead behind a fake plant that drapes over the edge of the shelf.
This shows my Coco poster which I was given at the Animation Panel at D23 California 2017. There are only a limited number of these posters in the world, for the attendees of that particular panel at the convention.
This shows my HomePod in prime position on the shelf above my TV. I use the Apple TV 4K for everything I watch on the TV so hook this up wirelessly to the HomePod to output the audio to.
Photo frame, HomePod & IKEA faux plants.
This shows a frame with a little quote in it that I thought went well in the room. There is also a Bath & Body Works candle I’m currently burning. Going to have to re-stock when I visit America again in May!
This has to be the favourite part of my room (if you couldn’t tell with all the images). This shelf was from IKEA along with the fake plants. The HomePod is Apple’s new smart speaker and combined with the photo frames from Wilko and these cute pieces displayed in them I think it all works really well together.
A panoramic shot showing the whole bedroom from the window onto the conservatory right the way to the oak door entrance.
Each of my bedside tables are from IKEA and I have a lamp, fake plants and a coaster on this one with some Yankee scent beads and my wireless charging accessories for my phone ad watch.
A panoramic shot of my bed, night stand, clothes storage and television set-up.
A view of my wall of canvases next to my bed with the nightstand and wardrobe rail.
This image shows my Philips Hue light strip in action behind the television. It illuminates up to the shelf and around the TV itself. My favourite colour to set this to when watching a movie is blue!

Thank you very much for reading this blog post. I hope you like the bed/living room reveal and the images and videos of it. I am so happy with how everything has turned out. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Bed/Living Room Reveal

  1. I can’t believe that this amazing space was once a garage! You’ve done a great job. Your couch is so comfy. The design of it all is perfect. We need to sit down and re-watch our favorite Christmas classic.


    1. Thank you very much! I’ve just ordered another side table for my bed and I’m going to move it away from the radiator a bit. I’ve got my eye on a couple of wireless charging base lamps from ikea so one on each table would work well I think! 🙂


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