Social Media Update


After a much-needed break from consuming too much social media, I’ve decided to change how I use networks! For those of you who don’t know I decided two weeks ago to have a ‘Social Media Cleanse’ where I unfollowed all accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr and Snapchat. I still posted on social media using the apps but I didn’t look at other people’s posts for this time.


I recently removed all of my content from my YouTube channel due to issues with their terms and conditions and how they treat smaller YouTube channels. I didn’t originally intend on deleting my content as I started off by demonetising my channel to allow viewers to watch my content ad-free. I then deleted ones I couldn’t demonetise which either included copyrighted music clips or for other reasons YouTube wouldn’t explain. This then lead to me deleting all content and removing all video likes in a channel cleanse. Moving forward I am currently not a YouTube content creator, purely a consumer. Some videos I watch include recipes, tiny homes, interior design and technology.


As it stands, Vimeo is now the site where I publish any short videos or media that will enhance my blog. I’ve decided to no longer post on YouTube but still needed a video sharing site. Vimeo embedded content is far nicer to work with and it looks much more visually appealing. There are limits in place for the amount of content I can publish but at the moment this isn’t going to be an issue as I focus more on written content and no ‘weekly videos’ like I used to.


This is a platform I rarely use. I still have my account but tend not to use it anymore. It’s great for creativity though and it may be something I take a look at again in the future going forward with my tiny home.


I used Tumblr for a while as my website as it had all of my Instagram posts and some re-blogged articles I enjoyed however the accounts I followed would often change out of the ordinary and post irrelevant content or things I didn’t want to see! I have now launched a new website and unfollowed all accounts on Tumblr (which I no longer post on).


The social network that didn’t really take off at all and forced all YouTube channels to create an account. Need I say more? I have actually continued to post on Google Plus until now but moving forward have unfollowed all accounts and no longer post on the social network site.


This is another social media app that I don’t use anymore… Not for any particular reason with this one other than I don’t enjoy it. To begin with the filters were a novelty and something fun to play around with but the battery on my iPhone always got slaughtered by the app when I used it and to be totally honest after the new update I don’t know how to use it! I’ve made my account private now so only friends can send me snaps (but I don’t have any friends on it… #sorrynotsorry)!


I quite like Twitter. I’ve continued to use it throughout the time I’ve had an account and now tend to use it for news content and seeing what is trending in the U.K. I always kept the accounts I was following to a minimum so I wouldn’t be bombarded by posts. This was around fifty accounts in total. On my social media cleanse I unfollowed everyone just to have a little break and start fresh when I return to the app (which I will… more to follow below).


My favourite social network. I’ve always been a visual person, studying graphic design at university and even now in my employment at a printing studio. Instagram has been my favourite social network for a long time now but the amount of accounts I followed got out of hand (to over four hundred)! I have unfollowed everyone during this cleanse but I will be returning to the site and tailoring my feed from now on.


Oh Facebook. What have you done?! As you probably know it has been in the limelight recently for data breaches, sharing information with companies without authorisation and many other issues. To cut a long story short I stopped using Facebook with a personal profile a long time ago. Deleting all content, friends, posts, messages and data was my first step… This was something I did a while back and I have since created a fresh account (under a fake name) purely to manage my blog’s page. The blog page that you see is just that… A page, not a profile. I’ve decided moving forward that I don’t want to be associated with Facebook and their network. I will not be posting my usual updates on the page and I have disabled direct messaging to the page itself. Some important posts will be shared but I’ve actually deleted the Pages Manager app from my iPhone.

Home Screen

So here is my home screen… A very limited number of apps get to stay on my phone in truth. I’m a serial app-remover. If you look in the social folder you’ll see Twitter and Instagram in the top left. These are the only two social media platforms I am going to continue using for the time being. Instagram is where I am going to be posting my visual content and images. It is also where I am going to follow more tiny home accounts, interior design inspiration and more! I love the communities on Instagram and I’ve decided if I tailor who I follow I will certainly enjoy it once again and use it to its full potential. Twitter is where I like to read the news still and view ‘moments’ and hashtags from time to time. I’m going to continue using this and focus more on posting text content here opposed to images to begin with. I’m going to use Twitter to interact with people more and share posts I am passionate about or enjoy seeing. Again this is going to be with a very small number of accounts that I follow to begin with and see how things go!


My social media cleanse was an overwhelming success. It made me realise I was wasting far too much time on content that was irrelevant and meaningless. I’m more focused on what I’m going to be posting myself and how I’m going to use these networks moving forward. I’m still @glenconbeer or ‘Glen Conbeer’ everywhere if you wanted to check out my social accounts – but you’re best off heading to Instagram and Twitter solely for now!

Please let me know what you think of social media and how it influences your life! I’m really interested to see how other people use the networks! Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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