Spring Music 2018


I absolutely love music and have done so for as long as I can remember. This week I’m talking about the latest updates in the music world, how I listen to music myself and some highlights of recent months! I’d love to hear about what music you like to listen to and how. Let me know in the comments section of this blog post.

My Music Background

I played music throughout my childhood and was involved with piano, cornet and clarinet throughout school. Eventually these fizzled out and I stopped playing music however shortly after that I started doing mobile discos at a range of venues. I began with discos for family members before being booked for my first New Years Eve party and more events as the years went on. After doing this for nine years I decided to streamline my business and focus on other elements of this.

Spring Music 2018

I love keeping up to date with the latest music and I stream lots on a weekly basis. There have been quite a few live music performances and new music releases I’ve been keeping up to date with this Spring including those from Beyoncé and Shawn Mendes.

Image Source/Copyright: Beyoncé.com

Beyoncé performed at both weekends at Coachella this year and headlined the festival. She put a heck of a lot of time into her show and her two performances were almost two hours long each. Amazing considering it was a festival filled with many other amazing artists as well. To be honest Beyoncé was the only artist I watched from Coachella as the time difference meant that the live streams and performances were eight hours apart from the UK. I caught up the next day by watching the full performance online. I’m not sure if this is available still as I know some videos have been taken down on copyright grounds from either Beyoncé or Coachella’s legal teams. I’d definitely recommend doing a Google Search and catching up if you can.

Image Source/Copyright: ShawnMendesOfficial.com

I’ve also been a bit obsessed with Shawn Mendes (this month especially) as he has performed in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, on Sounds Like Friday Night, The Queen’s Birthday and he has announced a new album following his two new singles. His Live Lounge performance was amazing where he performed In My Blood and he also did a cover as well. His live lounge performance is one of the best I’ve heard over the years and I have watched it many times on YouTube and BBC iPlayer. Shawn has released two new singles so far this year, In My Blood and Lost In Japan. A new self-titled album has been announced for 25th May and I can’t wait to listen to it! Finally Shawn released a new music video for In My Blood (click to view).

Along with the amazing performances I’ve listed above, there has been a lot of music released this month which I am enjoying from a number of different artists. You can check out what I am listening to each month by reading on.

How I Stream Music

Image Source/Copyright: Apple.com/Music


I’ve been a huge fan of music my whole life and enjoy a wide range of genres as well. I started off by listening to cassette tapes and then moved to CDs before digital music purchases and today I stream all of my music. Apple Music is my service of choice, I like how everything integrates seamlessly on my Apple devices. I’ve been subscribed to Apple Music since June 2015 and I’ve created a range of playlists since then. If you check out my profile I have playlists from November 2015 where I curate my favourite tracks of the month as well as activity playlists such as Relaxing and Running.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog update this week. How do you listen to music? Do you have any favourite artists? Let me know and leave a comment below! Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Spring Music 2018

  1. I’m not a huge Beyoncé fan, but give me some Destiny’s Child and it is on! Thankfully she delivered on this front as well. I’d just like to add that your Favourites Apple Music playlist is where only the best of the best live. Thankfully, it was just updated on Friday 27 April 2018 so it’s quite fresh as well!


    1. Haha I’m the opposite, no to Destiny’s Child… Heck yes to Beyoncé (minus the diva ego). Ooh that reminds me… I have to add a song to my favourites playlist.


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