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Shawn Mendes The Album has been released today and I’m obsessed. By far my favourite album of his so far and I wanted to write about it! Before I start talking about the music itself I need to mention how beautiful the artwork is for this album. Shawn has been posting a lot on social media in the lead up to this release. The use of floral elements on the album cover as well as in the animated videos, singles artwork and his merchandise is great. From a graphics point of view I’m a huge fan of this style and can’t wait to see how he integrates this further into the live concerts.

As I’m writing this I am in the U.S. and because of this I was able to listen to the album as it was released (midnight on East Coast USA time). With a direct link to the album from Shawn’s twitter I actually got to access the album on Apple Music before midnight so by 12:10am I had listened to every song!

To listen to Shawn’s new self-titled album Adam, Michael and I had pizza and some beer! A listening party! 🎉 As the album has just been released there are songs I’m not yet familiar with. I’m going to listen to the album again now and create a song-by-song write-up of it and my thoughts!


1. In My Blood

This song shows a vulnerable side of Shawn and it’s really important for people to talk about! Shawn said in interviews that he was nervous to release this song and that it may seam like a weakness. Mental health is something that is becoming more and more talked about and recognised as time goes on and this song helps show that it affects most people including celebrities. I love this song and relate to it a lot. It’s a great way to start this new album.

2. Nervous

This is SO catchy. About nerves and feelings associated with thinking about or being around someone you like. I’m already humming the tune to Nervous as I’ve been pottering about today. It’s great Shawn is using falsetto in this new album more and I think it shows how he is developing as an artist and vocally as well. “Baby, when I think about you…” 👌🏻

3. Lost in Japan

This song is another single that was released before the full album came out. Another catchy tune and it has quite a funky vibe to it. When I listen to this song I can’t help but tap my feet! I’d love to be able to jump on a flight to see someone off the cuff! A perk of travelling so much for touring and seeing so much of the world. Shawn, if you’re reading my number is +447… 😂

4. Where Were You in the Morning?

This is a single that was released earlier this week before the release of the full album and all tracks. A more relaxed feel to this song and I’ve already put it in a chilled playlist I have on Apple Music. The theme of this song is pretty self-explanatory with the title of the track. I am a huge fan of how different the songs are on the album. They all have a unique style and Shawn has definitely covered a range of different genres on the album. This is great as the lines of genres are becoming more flexible and blurred as new music is released nowadays.

5. Like to Be You (feat. Julia Michaels)

This is the first song on the album to feature another artist. Shawn expressed that his favourite lyrics from the album are on this very song… The first phrase he sings and the first that Julia sings as well. This song is lovely and simple… a beautiful duet with primarily a guitar backing. Julia seems like a perfect fit to work with Shawn Mendes as well going on how great this song sounds!

6. Fallin’ All in You

Another relaxing song about falling for someone. Again Shawn has used falsetto in the song where he has recorded vocals twice with an octave or two between them to harmonise. This is another song that has made to my Relaxing Apple Music playlist.

7. Particular Taste

Another catchy song on the album. I like how simple some of the backing music is on some of these songs and this really puts focus on the lyrics and vocals (which are Shawn’s best so far in my opinion). I’m looking forward to seeing the music videos for new songs on the album in the coming months as well.

8. Why

This song has a kind of R&B feel to it and as I’ve mentioned above I like how the songs sound so different to one another. It has a nice relaxing style to it as well and this is feeling like an album I’m going to listen through quite regularly. The songs also flow well from one to another.

9. Because I Had You

Many of Shawn’s songs mention relationships, love or personal connections with people. This one focuses on a past relationship or person in the past and moving forward. It is quite upbeat though and done in a great way. I like the notes used in this song as well.

10. Queen

An up-beat song this one… Queen focuses on an individual who thinks they’re better than others. Shawn is expressing how it’s really visible to him and says ‘beautiful and ugly’ to describe them. Can’t wait to see him perform this one live (providing I get tickets)!

11. Youth (feat. Khalid)

This song has a very important message. I saw an interview with Shawn about the meaning behind this song and what Youth refers to. It’s not about age, it’s about the youthful feeling within us regardless of how old you are. In light of the terrorist attacks in 2017 (including Manchester Arena and London Bridge) he decided to meet with Khalid and write this song. Being affected by these attacks can often make people lose the connection with their youthful traits and this song highlights this. Not only does it speak about youth and the importance of it, the song focuses on not allowing these feelings of hurt to turn into hate. Being positive in light of the evil in the world is so important as well as spreading love and support for one-another. Wow, that got deep! I love this song and Khalid was great on the track as well. This is the second song on the album to feature another artist.

12. Mutual

This is another song that I think would be fantastic performed live. As Shawn plays guitar himself it would be largely a sole performance with him and his guitar. So catchy again – I’m going to be singing all of these songs I think so a long time. Mutual focuses on trying to figure out if his feelings are two-way with another person.

13. Perfectly Wrong

This song has a piano and string backing primarily and I think this would be something Shawn could play on the keys when touring. It also has guitar so there are a couple of ways he could sing/play this one! A beautiful melody and I think this is my favourite relaxing song from the album. I’ve mentioned a few that have a chilled vibe to them on the album and they’ve all made it in to my Relaxing playlist on Apple Music.

14. When You’re Ready

This is the final song on the album and lyrically it’s the hardest one for me to pick up. It’s quite quick and there are lots of words in the sentences! A lovely tune and this is another of the upbeat songs on the album. I’m surprised at how quickly the album seems to fly past – I’ve just listened to all fourteen songs for the second time back to back! Shows I love it! 😍

In summary this is a very meaningful album for Shawn and the songs are very well written and executed. The melodies and rhythms also make each track very catchy and memorable. I’m sure I’m going to listen to it over and over in May and June!

Have you listened to Shawn Mendes’s new album yet? If so what do you think about it? Have a great day and thanks for reading as always! ♥️

2 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes The Album

  1. I’ve just finished reading your track by track commentary. I’m already considering Where Were You in the Morning? to be a classic song that will be played over and over for years to come. I am most impressed by his growth as an artist. His commanding control of his falsetto reminds me of another hugely popular male artist, Justin Timberlake. I enjoyed my first run through of the album and will no doubt be listening to it more over the coming weeks. When You’re Ready offers such a beautiful ending to the album. So many artists put throwaway songs towards the end. This was definitely not the case with Shawn. This album will easily take him to the next stratospheric level in his career.

    Thanks for getting it for us early.


    1. I can’t wait to listen to it again in the morning. I think you’ll be proud of me that I’m downloading the Sonos app to use first thing! 😂 As you know I love Shawn Mendes a lot so just had to get this blog post out there straight away! 🇨🇦


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