Cosy Club Cardiff

On Saturday I went to Cosy Club Cardiff and was really impressed with their vegan menu. It is nice being able to go to a restaurant and have multiple choices (here I even got given my own menu) instead of being limited on choices. In this blog post I’ll be talking a bit more about Cosy Club and what I ate there.

To begin with I was really impressed that I got handed my own menu upon arrival! I’ve been so used to searching for a restaurant that even offers a vegan option, let alone having choices when I find somewhere! The menu is really nicely designed as well and I love the gold detail on the front (there’s the graphic design student coming out in me)!

This is their vegan menu in full. This can change from time to time though so I’d recommend taking a look at their website before visiting. This was the Cardiff Cosy Club, July 2018. They had plenty of sides, breakfast options, mains and even a chocolate and orange torte for dessert!

The inside of Cosy Club is always really inviting and I love the style of the restaurant. We had a lovely window table overlooking The Hayes so could do plenty of people-watching. I ordered a freshly squeezed orange juice and when I looked at the menu I was really drawn towards the vegan breakfast. I couldn’t resist and was so pleased it was served until 5pm (as this was just past midday that we visited)!

The vegan breakfast consisted of falafel, grilled tomato, field mushroom, wood-roasted peppers, spinach, potato rosti and baked beans with sourdough toast. It did not disappoint! I love a breakfast for lunch or dinner any day of the week and before I started my plant-based diet I would often opt for the vegetarian breakfast wherever I went (as I love vegan sausages and was happy to substitute the bacon for extra mushrooms, hash browns and beans)!

It was really nice to see how many options there were on the menu and I can’t wait to visit again to try something new! I’d highly recommend Cosy Club to anyone regardless of your dietary preference as they have amazing meals to cater for all tastes!

Have you visited a Cosy Club restaurant before? Or even the Cardiff one specifically? Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Cosy Club Cardiff

  1. All those colorful veggies look very tempting. Are the little round things that look like hushpuppies the potato rosti?


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