Cardiff Disney Meet-Up

Last week we had a Cardiff Disney meet-up (with the hashtag #cardiffdoesdisney). It was a lovely day and I’m so grateful of Lucy (@lucysroomtoys) organising it. It was a chance for everyone to meet up and visit the Disney Store before a picnic and shopping! It was such a lovely day and it was nice to meet everyone. The cast members at the Disney Store Cardiff were absolutely amazing and made our day magical!

In the car on the way to Cardiff on Saturday.

We stopped close to Cardiff at the motorway services McDonald’s for breakfast. I had a hash brown, some melon and a black coffee (there are a small selection of things I can have off the menu that are vegan)!

Selfie with Zoe at the Disney Store Cardiff.

I went to stay with my friend Zoe for the weekend and we headed to Cardiff for the day on Saturday. It was nice to break up the journey a bit as well with being from Pembrokeshire. I travelled to Zoe’s on the Friday evening as my mum and Mark were heading to Bath for the weekend so it was perfectly timed really! We left after work and I got there early evening.

Another group picture from the picnic area… This time an action-shot.

We met at the Disney Store at 11am and saw everyone there before heading into the store. The Cast Members from the Disney Store Cardiff made our day so amazing and they were absolute superstars! They had arranged goodie bags which we didn’t know anything about and had sent us badges with our Instagram handles on.

Another selfie in one of the Cardiff shopping arcades.

After meeting outside the store we headed inside and everyone went a bit nuts with the shopping spree. I was proud to have only purchased a mug from there and I spent less than £10.

My Disney badge with my Instagram handle on it!

After shopping at the Disney Store we headed to Cardiff Castle to find a spot for a picnic and to have lunch. We sat under a tree as the weather was so hot and I went and got Wagamama takeout.

A photo Zoe took of me with a princess mug!

After finishing lunch we headed to Forbidden Planet where some of the group did some more shopping. I stayed outside as the shop is fairly small and I didn’t want to buy anything.

I opted for a different mug over this one but thought it was funny!

From Forbidden Planet we walked down Queen Street and headed to HMV where we had another browse. I went inside here as it is a larger store and they had air conditioning which was so nice!

Walking to our picnic in Cardiff by the Castle.

After HMV we headed to Primark. There wasn’t much Disney stuff in the men’s collection which was a shame… They have lots of women’s clothes and homeware pieces though which are Disney themed.

Selfie outside Forbidden Planet opposite Cardiff Castle.

From Primark we headed to Build A Bear Workshop where Lucy picked up an Incredibles 2 outfit for her bear at home. I think she would have liked to have bought the new bear but it was too expensive!

Just as we were heading in to the Disney Store Cardiff.

From Build A Bear Workshop there were only six of us left in the group (lots of people had left throughout the day and crowds had dispersed a bit). We headed to Yo! Sushi for something to eat/drink before heading home.

Selfie outside Forbidden Planet opposite Cardiff Castle.

I am really impressed with the Yo! Sushi menu and their options for vegans. They are labelled on the menu as ‘v+’. There are lots of menu items I would like to go back and try but I got the pumpkin katsu curry.

These are the goodies I bought / was kindly gifted.

After a Yo! Sushi we had a walk through the city centre to the train station before heading to our different platforms. Zoe and I caught the 17:50 service towards Swansea and went back to her apartment.

Some pixie dust from the shopping bags at the Disney Store.

When we got back we were on a high from the Disney meet up so ended up doing a couple of Instagram Live streams and posting about what we had bought/been given that day.

This is the mug I bought from the Disney Store.

I will be posting about what I have from last week on my Instagram account this week. You can find me @glenconbeer (click the link at the top/bottom of the site). It was so lovely to meet some likeminded Disney fans in Cardiff last week. I am looking forward to the next meet-up! (See below for info).

Zoe had work on Sunday so headed off early but I stayed in the apartment until I got picked up early afternoon to head back to Pembrokeshire.

I popped the Mickey sequins on the counter to spell my name!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Lucy for arranging the meet-up and being so organised with everything and the Disney Store teams from Cardiff and head office for helping with the meet-up and surprising us on the day!

A picture from inside the Disney Store (I feel like I needed a Sorcerer Mickey too!)

If you are interested in a meet up that is being organised for December, follow @lucysroomtoys on Instagram and send a DM. Thank you for reading and have a magical day!

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