Rest + Relaxation

This week is quite a simple post as I have been relaxing on weekends as of late. I have lots of work on during the week and I have allocated the weekends to spending some time to unplug and rest so that I can begin the next week refreshed! So far this is going really well and I am enjoying having a couple of days to myself every week. It has meant that the workload Monday to Friday has increased but I have found new ways to cope with this which I’ve covered in this post.

My typical day during the week consists of me waking up around 6am to get ready and leave the house at 7am. I either get a lift into town or catch the train. This gives me roughly an hour and a half before heading to work to complete other tasks. I go to my grandparents’ house and complete admin / submit reports during this time to make the most of my time.

Having time to do reports in the morning allows me to schedule profile reviews (video calls with applicants) every half an hour in the evenings when I get home. This can be quite intense but it means that I can finish the calls sooner and get to making dinner and getting to bed early-ish.

I usually try to get to sleep before midnight so I can get a solid six hours of sleep. When I am feeling a bit more tired or if work has been busier than usual I try to get an additional hour of sleep per evening. This works well for me and I generally feel refreshed in the mornings.

Having weekends to relax is a huge bonus! I know that when I have finished work Monday to Friday I can unplug a little and take some time to myself. This weekend I haven’t done anything much in particular but it has been lovely.

Do you have allocated time to rest around work? Is there anything you do in particular to balance work and home life? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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