Deliciously Ella Cookbook

This week Deliciously Ella released The Plant Based Cookbook. I pre-ordered it and mine actually arrived Wednesday, a day before the official release. I am really inspired to cook more plant based meals now from receiving these amazing recipes and along with her YouTube channel, app and podcast I’ve definitely had an overload (in a good way) of Deliciously Ella this week!

Deliciously Ella’s Plant Based Cookbook, Sri Lankan Curry Recipe.

As it’s a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, my friend Jade is visiting me (who I met at summer camp) and we have been eating lots of food. Jade arrived late Thursday evening and on Friday the feasting began! We had homemade pizza on Friday evening, Sri Lankan curry on Saturday and lots of other goodies like Jamie Oliver’s vegan chocolate pots. I will be posting more about these on my Twitter and Instagram over the coming days too.

Sri Lankan Curry from the cookbook was a hit on Saturday evening!

This was how Deliciously Ella’s Sri Lankan curry turned out! It was lovely and I really enjoyed making it as well. We are going to try more from the cookbook tomorrow as well including some vegan pancakes with chocolate sauce. I’d definitely recommend taking a look into Deliciously Ella’s recipes, cookbook, website and app. They are filled with amazing food and plant-based diet recipes. I have also been listening to their podcast this week and I have been really enjoying it.

To order The Plant Based Cookbook from Ella Mills (currently half price) for £12.50 on Amazon click here!

Have you got The Plant Based Cookbook? Let me know what you think in the comments below! Have a great day and thanks as always for reading.

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