 Apple Watch Series 4 Review

So I have had my Apple Watch Series 4 for three weeks now and wanted to review it for my blog. I have posted a lot about Apple recently from the Special Event to iOS 12 and product reviews of the iPhone XS Max and now the Apple Watch Series 4. I promise that’ll be it for a while as I’m all Apple’d out!

The Display

So the display is probably the thing that swayed me most towards purchasing the new Apple Watch. It is deceptively bigger and the edge-to-edge design makes use of the full top surface of the watch. This paired with the new watchOS release is a pleasure to use! It’s so much easier with the larger screen to reply to messages, view maps, photos and more!

Watch Faces

I love this new watch face (above) as it has SO much information on the screen at one time! On mine I have digital time (along with the analogue hands), calendar/date, wind speed/direction, walkie talkie, AQI, temperature, UVI and activity. There are also new fire and water watch faces and a breathe app one too (see below).

Speaker & Microphone

The speaker is now a lot louder than the previous watch series (I only had the Series 3 in December 2017). This makes Siri a lot easier to hear and calls are far clearer. The microphone has been switched to the opposite side now as well which helps with phone calls. In addition to this the speaker design is a lot better with use in water… There are thinner and wider openings for the speakers which means less water gets into the device (to then be ejected).

Walkie Talkie

I am super impressed with walkie talkie on the Apple Watch Series 4. I use this to speak to my friends across the Atlantic about 4000 miles away and it feels like I am standing right next to them! There is no lag whatsoever and the clarity is unreal!


This is a feature that is coming out later this year in the USA and hopefully shortly afterwards in the UK. This is something I obviously can’t try yet but I’ve never had an ECG before (thankfully never needed to) and I am looking forward to using this feature.

Fall Detection

This is something I’m glad to have on the Apple Watch with the new hardware and software that can detect a fall. It’s like the emergency SOS feature that was brought out in a previous watch/software update and it’s nice to be able to call for help so easily if needed.


I love it. That’s about it… I have the Series 4 Aluminium Space Grey (and kept my Nike+ watch band from my old one). I have to say if you’re thinking of getting an Apple Watch or are upgrading, now is a perfect time to do so!

Do you have the new Apple Watch? What do you think of it if so? Let me know! Thanks for reading and have a great day.

2 thoughts on “ Apple Watch Series 4 Review

  1. I love the walkie talkie function too! I find that it makes talking to my friends in Wales so clear and enjoyable.

    Thanks for the thorough review.

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