Meet Bailey

So on Monday I was massively surprised when mum and Mark came home with a puppy. I was in my bedroom and was watching The Ellen Show after work as I heard the pattering of paws on my floor. Bailey is the newest addition to our family and he is so adorable! He is a Golden Labrador and is eleven weeks old (this Saturday).

I have become one of ‘those people’ as well and have set up an instagram account for Bailey which is @baileybadham if you wanted to check it out. There are lots of cute photos and videos of him on there and I didn’t want to post them all on my own account.

We can already see him growing so quickly since we first got him on Monday. Bailey had his first walk on Saturday in Carew around the millpond and he was really well behaved. I am looking forward to taking him down the beach sometime soon but he has only recently had his final inoculations it was only this weekend we could take him out.

He has been totally spoiled already and we all love him so much. I am also really surprised at how much Bailey reminds me of Sammy, my last golden Labrador. He has dark ears, eyes and a similar nature as well to him. I have to admit I have called him Sammy a couple of times by mistake too!

It has been a great excuse to make the most of my iPhone Xs Max camera and take lots of portrait mode photos. I’ll be posting more on instagram over the coming weeks/months as he grows up and we train him more. He is very well behaved and settles well at night too.

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!

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