Share Your Gifts

Apple has recently produced and released an advert for the holiday season. The production that went into it is astonishing and Apple have released additional videos to show the creative process. The piece is created from hand-made sets, animation and colour work which is combined with music.

Full Advert…

[YouTube Video Not Available]

This is the full advert Apple released for the holiday season. It’s a beautiful piece of work and there are behind the scenes videos below for you to watch how different elements of it were produced.

The Soundtrack…

[YouTube Video Not Available]

This is the music that accompanies the Share Your Gifts advert. It’s a lovely song and works really well with the advert as a whole. The song is performed by Billie Eilish and in this video she speaks about how she creates music from scratch. This is just one element of the advert which combined with sets, animation and colour work creates a powerful campaign.

Create with Colour…

[YouTube Video Not Available]

This video goes into detail about how artists like Deborah Cruchon can create different emotions using colour alone. It is really interesting how we associate different colours with specific emotions and how this affects our perception of characters on-screen. Artists like Deborah work on the colours used in the advert to portray the exact emotions and feelings Apple are aiming for in the Share Your Gifts ad.

The Making Of…

[YouTube Video Not Available]

In this video you see the teams working on the physical sets and props used in the filming of Share Your Gifts. The attention to detail is mind-blowing and the sets look so real. They create individual store-fronts, houses, streets and more. These sets are then filmed for the animation, colour and sound team to work on and to create the final piece.


I absolutely love this advert and it was released after I had seen most of this season’s campaigns by stores and retailers. I will be speaking more about these next week and I have compiled a large number of them for you. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled next Friday for that one (Sunday in my email newsletter if you’d like to sign up). What do you think of this holiday ad from Apple? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great day!

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