Christmas Adverts 2018

We have a lot of great commercials during the holidays in the UK and I have compiled some of them here for you to watch. It seems more and more retailers are going all-out for Christmas with their advertising campaigns as the years go on. This year there is even an advert banned from airing on TV from Iceland and a Coca-Cola lookalike from Aldi. Enjoy!


When I first saw this advert I thought it was for Coca-Cola. Turns out it’s Kevin the Carrot from Aldi! Coca-Cola actually responded quite well to it on social media and said they were sending help! Quite a clever response considering the similarity to their own ads.

This is Aldi’s other Christmas advert where I guess Kevin made his way back home in time for dinner (and to save his family). Seems like a battle between a parsnip and the carrot family.


This ‘Can You Feel It’ Amazon advert focuses on Alexa and the delivery of many parcels/presents to homes nationwide from Amazon’s massive warehouses. I actually had an Amazon parcel delivered with the Christmas themed tape on it and felt quite festive!


This is Apple’s advert for the 2018 festive season. It focuses on an artist who is afraid to share her work. At the end her papers and work blow out of the window and they are there for everyone to see. The reaction is good and it changes her opinion on sharing her creativity. A lovely work of art on Apple’s part as well from the sets they made by hand, to the music and animation used. Beautifully made!


This is the Argos Christmas advert and it’s quite dark, with a mean character wanting to spoil the festivities. Thankfully they don’t succeed and everything goes to plan on the big day! This theme kind of reminds me of The Grinch.


Bring Christmas Home is ASDA’s advert this season. It looks pretty fun if I’m honest, I’d love to have a go on the ski slopes. Everything is heading down to the house at the bottom of the mountain and their slogan is ‘save money, live better’.


This advert features ‘The Snowman’ animated short film (which I grew up watching every Christmas)! A girl has the storybook and builds a snowman. She waits up until it goes dark to see if he would come to life. Maybe, just maybe.


Boots focuses on the relationship between a daughter and her mum for this year’s Christmas advert. In the end the mum is part of a large choir who are performing. Quite touching.


Cadbury focused on a secret Santa theme this year. They have created the ‘biggest secret Santa’ and you can get involved by visiting their website. They have a range of Christmas chocolates and you can send them to a family or friend without them knowing this season.

Currys PC World

Currys PC World ‘upgraded Christmas’ this year. They had a video which was meant to look like it was  decades ago but there were lots of new technologies floating about throughout.


Debenhams focused on knowing individuals for buying presents this season. The gifts inside each box were tailored to each of the recipients. The Uncle, The Date, The Best Friend and The Party Guest are featured in this advert (each air separately on television).


Heathrow Airport have done a cute bear advert for Christmas this year. It features two bears travelling home from Florida to London Heathrow to be with their family at Christmas. ‘Making it home, makes it Christmas’.


Iceland wasn’t allowed to feature their advert on tele this season due to advertising regulations. (it was ruled too political to feature on TV). It’s really eye-opening and I hope it educates people on the issues associated with palm oil. Iceland have removed it from all of their own brand products and have featured many other adverts with these items in too.

John Lewis

The much anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert is here. They set the bar years ago with their adverts at this time of year. This time they have featured Elton John, showing a timeline (going backwards) from live concerts to the recording of Your Song. The video ends with Elton as a young boy being gifted his first piano. ‘Some gifts are more than just a gift’.


I didn’t know where KFC were going with this Christmas advert when it started playing as there was a chicken roaming around the countryside in the snow. The chicken comes face to face with a turkey and the slogan is ‘turkey comes and goes, but chicken’s here to stay’.


This advert caught my attention straight away with Panic! At The Disco’s cover of The Greatest Show. Their slogan is ‘Own the show this Christmas with Littlewoods’.

Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer feature lights, music, parties, movies, perfumes and more in this season’s Christmas ad. They have a lot of things to offer at Christmas with being a department store. 


McDonalds has Reindeer Treats (carrots) and Mince Pies this Christmas at their restaurants. I really like this advert but I didn’t know it was for the fast food chain until the very end!


This is the first of two Christmas adverts Morrisons has this seasons. It features a range of Christmas foods that are on offer at the supermarket for the holidays.

Morrisons has another advert that features ‘free-from’ products so that everyone can enjoy the festive foods. Gluten, wheat and milk free products are featured primarily in this one.


Next show the process of Christmas preparations from decorating the house to preparing the meal. It also features family and friends coming around and all opening gifts. They all go outside at the end in the snow and then says ‘Last Christmas, This Christmas, Next Christmas’.

The Range

‘The Twelve Days of Giftmas’ is the advert this year for The Range. It features a range (haha no pun intended) of products you can get from the store for the festive period.


Sainsbury’s features a Christmas show performed by school children. There is a little girl in a star costume at the beginning who is quite shy. Her mum catches her eye and nods in her direction and she comes out of her shell for the rest of the performance. Quite a sweet ad.


‘However you do Christmas’ is Tesco’s approach this season. Lots of different people from across the UK with their different meals and activities during the festive season.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx finds a never-ending stocking which provides Christmas presents for a whole year. The stocking goes on to spit out presents to people throughout the video. I don’t really understand the ad fully but I think they’ve got a prize giveaway with year-long gifts if found.


Very have an animated Christmas advert this year featuring a child who wants to be an astronaut in the future. The parents give gifts to encourage this ambition in the child.

There are quite a lot of adverts I have included above! Do you have any favourites? Please let me know in the comments below. Have a great day and thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Adverts 2018

  1. Wowwwwwww!! This is the largest group of Christmas commmercials that I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much for assembling them all in one place.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! You know this blog post was for you Adam? I can’t watch TV now without shouting the name of the retailer seconds into the ad haha


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