Gousto Food Delivery

I recently subscribed to Gousto which is a food delivery service. They portion all of the ingredients you need to prepare and cook delicious meals from their website/app. This results in no food waste and they are super quick to make as well (my meals only took half an hour each). I will be talking about my meals and the Gousto box service in this post!

Introduction to Gousto…

I recently signed up for a Moneybox account to invest some spare change each week and as part of that they had offers with Moneybox+. One of these offers was for £20 to be put into my investments account and 60% off my first box with Gousto. I gave it a go as after purchasing two portions of four different meals at £14 (after my 60% off) I still technically made £6. You can see the meals I have had in my first two boxes from Gousto below – the meals are in each image caption.

My Gousto Meals…

Speedy Deliciousness!

I have to be totally honest – it was a great time of year for me to try Gousto. With work being so busy I am often out of the house from 7am to 7pm (with work in the evenings too from home). So having these pre-portioned ingredients and simple half-an-hour meals was perfect. I could grab what I needed from the fridge and whip up something that would last two days for me (I plate one up for the next day too). The meals are SUPER flavourful as well, using a combination of ingredients I wouldn’t necessarily have in the cupboard myself.

Try Gousto…

I have a sign-up code you can use which gets you discounted food with Gousto. To take advantage of this offer please click here. I would love to know what you think, let me know in the comments below. They also have so many other meals which accommodate for every dietary preference! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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