Living Big in a Tiny House

If you’ve been following my website and blog for a while you’ll know that I am really interested in tiny homes and living as much of a minimalist lifestyle as possible. I have a playlist on my YouTube channel where I save my favourite tiny home video tours and to be totally honest the only feed I am interested in now is Bryce’s from Living Big in a Tiny House. Bryce is from New Zealand and he travels around the world visiting as many tiny homes as possible. His videos are so well produced and the homes are breathtaking! Check out my last post about tiny home inspiration.

Minimalist Lifestyle…

I have learnt a lot from what I have seen online and from de-cluttering my lifestyle and belongings over the past five years. The most appealing aspect of living in a tiny home for me is the very few belongings you are able to keep. I know there are many amazing storage solutions and adaptations that are made in tiny homes to accommodate for this but I really like living with as few possessions as possible. I have compiled another six of my favourite tiny house tours from Living Big in a Tiny House and have included them below for you.

City Living – Tiny House & Van Life

This was a really fascinating video about a tiny house (very small) as well as a converted van for living in. Between working in the city during the week living in the van and then commuting and living in the tiny house at other times, a perfect balance has been reached here! Great to save money too!

A Musician’s Modern Tiny House

This tiny home is beautiful and I love the combination of the static tiny house and an element that can be taken on the road with the trailer. The ‘L’ shape configuration is really unique which creates a fantastic outdoor space as well. The house is finished really well and is a favourite of mine!

$12,000 Eco Tiny House

This tiny house is one of the most affordable and low-cost tiny homes I’ve seen so far. Being mortgage-free and choosing this minimalist lifestyle was the perfect way for this couple to live debt-free. After only a year of saving and lots of DIY, this tiny home is such an inspiration! Converting to a mere £9,300 it’s really interesting to see what can be done with a smaller budget!

Tiny Home with Walk-In Wardrobe!

This is a beautiful tiny house with a high-end finish as well. This one was created by a tiny home manufacturer to pre-arranged specifications and budget. It’s situated in Australia on a farm and the idea is to move to the Philippines potentially when Dolly retires to be with her family.

Shipping Container Tiny Home

This is a tiny home made of three shipping containers which has solar panels on the roof. It has been cleverly designed to create shade with a raised roof and reduce heat indoors during the warm summer months. The tiny home is well insulated with cladding applied on the outside of the shipping containers. It has a surprising amount of room and even has the option to add more containers in the future if they wanted to expand!

Spectacular Beautiful Tiny Home

This tiny home has to be one of the most well-designed ones I have seen so far. One thing I love about this is the landscaping that has gone into the project surrounding the property. It really makes a difference having a nicely designed outside area when you make so much use of that space living in a tiny home. The couple who designed and built this home have graphic design and architecture backgrounds. A perfect match for this!


I am always surprised at the amazing ideas and creations people come up with when designing tiny homes. I love watching these videos and having so much inspiration for when I build my own tiny home in the future. At the moment it is still a long way off as I am saving money and doing lots of research but ultimately I would love something like this in the future!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and watching the videos featured. These are just six of my favourite videos from Bryce’s YouTube channel since I last spoke about tiny home inspiration. I definitely recommend taking a look at his channel and social media accounts! Have a great day!

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