Bailey is Six Months Old

I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown! Bailey is our golden Labrador puppy and he was born in August. He turned six months old on Monday this week and I wanted to post a blog entry with some newer photos and to show how much he has grown! Since my last post about him, ‘Meet Bailey’ he has lost all of his puppy teeth and has grown significantly. He now weighs over 25kgs and we have a feeling he’s going to be a very tall Labrador from the amount he has already grown and the size of his paws!

If you want to follow Bailey on Instagram you can click here. There are photos and videos posted regularly on the account. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Bailey is Six Months Old

  1. Bailey, how you have grown in such a short time. I see that you are doing an excellent job of wrapping Glen around your paw. Happy 6 months birthday, my furry friend. I hope there is an extra-large bone waiting for you to chew on.

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    1. He has grown so quickly! I can’t believe he weighs almost 26kg (roughly 58lbs)! I’ll pass on the happy six month birthday message for you! Thanks 🙂


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