Summer Camp Music

Music is a key element to working at a summer camp in the USA. There are many songs that are deemed inappropriate to play which can make things a little tricky. Each camp has their own policy on what can and cannot be played at camp but I’ve created a playlist to help you this season in America. When I worked at summer camp I compiled a list of songs that were child-friendly and that the kids there loved! I played this music for all ages ranging from five years old right up to seventeen. Hope you like it!

“I feel like music can affect you in so many ways. When you hear a song with a happy melody, it can change your mood; it can change your day.”


Click the link below to view my music playlist and to add it to your library. If you have Apple Music it should open into the app for you directly.

Quite a short blog entry this week but hopefully one that will help you if you’re working with children at camp this season. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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