Greggs Vegan Steak Bake

Hi everyone! Hope you are doing well.

Today I have a blog post that I had in my drafts from January. I remember returning to the UK from being away in Virginia, USA for Christmas and New Years in 2018. Greggs had just launched their vegan sausage roll (January 2019) and it was being spoken about so much online. I have already posted about that on my blog and you can read that entry by clicking here.

Greggs have done it again. 2020 has brought us the vegan steak bake and this was another crowd pleaser by the sounds of it. I have to say I am really impressed and I enjoyed the pasty very much. It’s not something that I go for too often as too much pastry isn’t good but it’s nice to have an alternative treat to a sausage roll if I visit Greggs in the future.

Here are some photos of the vegan steak bake from Greggs (and my happy face when eating my first one)!

Now these were quite tricky to find! I have to say, I did struggle to pick up a vegan steak bake when they were first launched. They seemed to only release them in specific stores and in small quantities initially but thankfully I lived in Birmingham at the time where Greggs were selling them. In my hometown of Tenby I’m sure they had to wait a little longer to get their hands on them.

So once again I wanted to mention that this was a drafted blog post that I had from January this year on my website. It is now much later being the start of July (six months after I had actually written this entry). I know that some locations have been closed and we have been in lockdown but I am curious if any of you visited Greggs in the first couple of months in 2020.

Have you had a chance to try the vegan steak bake yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

Have a great day, take care and stay safe. – Glen.

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