KFC Original Recipe Vegan Burger

Hi everyone! Hope you are well. We have another drafted blog post from January today and I wanted to update it and post it regardless of it being about six months late to the game. So KFC has joined the likes of Greggs and other food chains in offering a vegan option in their restaurants. I use to eat KFC myself before I adopted a vegan/plant-based diet in May 2018 (wow, I can’t believe it has been over two years now)! My family tend to visit KFC on occasion and I never ate anything if I was going with them as even KFC’s fries are cooked in the same oil as the meat unfortunately so the most I would get would be a soft drink.

They have released an ‘Original Recipe Vegan Burger’ on the menu which comes in a soft bun with vegan mayo and lettuce. The sides that you can have at KFC if you are vegan or following a plant-based diet include beans and corn on the cob as well as some of their drinks. What I found really great was that if you use the self-service machines in the restaurants they have a vegan button on the home screen. This allows you to order easily not having to worry about what might be vegan and what isn’t (as mentioned previously the fries are not).

I have to say I am super impressed with this from KFC. It tastes incredible, partially because of the spice blend they use which I guess is similar to that of what they use for their original recipe chicken. The burger has a nice crunch wit the coating and the inside is a plant-based meat substitute made by Quorn (who also provide the filling for the vegan products in Greggs). It’s very flavourful and when paired with the vegan mayo, lettuce and sesame bun makes for a great burger! I was always more of a fan of a chicken burger over beef before 2018 so this was preferential to me over things like Beyond Meat or the Impossible Burger (offered at some restaurants in the UK / the USA and sold in supermarkets).

I can’t remember exactly when I had this burger first. I know it was pretty close to when KFC released it as I had been on the hunt in Birmingham for a vegan steak bake and a vegan KFC burger one Saturday! I really enjoyed it and love that I have an option if I am visiting KFC with family or friends in the future.

Just another little disclaimer, this was drafted back in January so I am posting months and months down the line. Have you had a chance to try this burger at KFC? If so please let me know your thoughts!

Have a lovely day. Take care and stay safe. – Glen.

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