Pizza Hut Vegan ‘Pepperphoni’

Hi everyone! Hope you are well. Today we have the third of the blog posts I drafted back in January where I wanted to review new vegan options in the UK. This one is for the Pizza Hut Vegan ‘Pepperphoni’ option. This one took me a little longer to get to at the start of 2020 as none of the Pizza Hut restaurants around my in Birmingham delivered to my address. I think I managed to get a delivery partner like Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat to deliver this one thankfully so I didn’t have to walk from the city centre to my apartment before trying it.

Here are some photos of the vegan pepperphoni pizza, I managed to refrain from eating any of it before I had snapped some pics.

I am usually inclined to order from Papa John’s when it comes to pizza as they were one of the first (if not the first) pizza delivery service to offer vegan cheese and options. I was really impressed when I first tried them so have stuck with them as I quite like their options. However, this is about the Pizza Hut addition to the vegan take-out options and their ‘pepperphoni’ pizza. This is some sort of plant-based meat and here is what Pizza Hut have to say about it on their website:

We’re cheating on meat again with the Vegan Pepperphoni Pizza. Tomato sauce, Violife Vegan Ch**se and Meat-Free Pepperphoni.

I appreciate Pizza Hut trying to offer something imitating ‘meat’ to cater for a vegan diet however I was a bit underwhelmed by their ‘pepperphoni’. This was the first vegan pizza I had tried from Pizza Hut as well as I wasn’t aware of them having a vegan cheese option before this was announced online. They use Violife plant-based cheese on their pizzas but it doesn’t live up to the expectations I had based on my experience of Papa John’s. The pizza was okay and it didn’t go to waste (I hate throwing any food away) but I much prefer veggie toppings on a pizza now and try to avoid meat substitutes where possible.

So of the three new vegan options I reviewed on my blog being the Greggs Vegan Steak Bake, KFC Original Recipe Vegan Burger and this Pizza Hut Pepperphoni Pizza… This one is definitely at the bottom of the list. I’ll probably avoid ordering this again and stick to what I know (being Papa John’s).

Have you tried the Pizza Hut Vegan Pepperphoni pizza? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

As always, thanks so much for reading and have a great day! – Glen.

2 thoughts on “Pizza Hut Vegan ‘Pepperphoni’

  1. I wonder why it is that we don’t have as many of these vegan products launching in the U.S.? It seems like we would given how big the vegan movement has become here. Thanks for all the great pictures and the honest review.

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    1. There certainly are quite a few! It’s very popular here at the moment and it’s good to see more options. They’re not good for you at all though as it’s all processed food but at least there are options if you had no other choice than fast food. We don’t have some of the ones you have in the US yet too like Burger King and in Canada with McDonald’s is it? 😀 I live so far away from all of these places now I’m back in Pembrokeshire too so that’s the last of my vegan fast food tasting posts for a while!


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