Month of Miles | Diabetes UK


This October I am taking part in Month of Miles to raise money for Diabetes UK. I haven’t been running in so long so I am a bit nervous about getting back into it. One of my work colleagues Lynne has helped by sending me a couch-to-5K plan with some great warm-up ideas so this should definitely be useful. I have set myself a small target of raising £30 for Diabetes as I know there are many people who are struggling financially at the moment so any donations are really greatly appreciated. I’ve set my goal of running a full marathon over the month so 26.2 miles. This means I have to run just under a mile a day but I am going to see how I progress as the days go on (I’ll likely do much more than this).

Track My Progress

I am going to be updating my progress throughout October on my Month of Miles Page. I will be adding information from my Fitness app to the page and keeping a running total of the amount of miles I have done. I am quite thankful of this fundraiser and being asked to take part as I have been wanting to get back into running for a while now. I even bought knee supports and some new running trainers throughout the summer but they have yet to be used! October is the month, hopefully it’ll stick as well and I’ll continue to exercise with running in the future.

Diabetes UK

The charity I am raising money for this October is Diabetes UK and I am taking part in their organised event called Month of Miles. If you want to find out more you can visit their website here and register yourself. There is also a cool feature where you can create a team and join with colleagues or friends/family and add all of your miles together for a group running total. I’m taking part with a group from the company I work for and I’m looking forward to this as I think it’ll definitely keep me motivated (and accountable for getting the miles I’ve set myself completed)!

Summary + Thank You!

Thanks for reading this quick blog post and update. I am looking forward to taking part this October and raising money for a worthwhile cause. Thank you very much in advance for your donations and support, if you are able to share my page on social media I’d love to reach more people. Have a great day!

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