New Home Tour

So I bought a house back in November and I wanted to feature my first tour video in a separate blog entry. I had included it in my last post about the whole buying process but as I am creating a YouTube renovation series it definitely an entry of its own. This is the very first footage I have of my new house, I wanted to film it every step of the way to be able to remember what it was like and how much progress goes on in the coming months.

I got the keys on 6th November 2020 and then recorded this shortly afterwards. I think this was the first weekend I was at the property and I recorded each room, the kitchen, bathroom and outdoor shed and yard area as well. No work has been done yet in this video and I am excited to show you the house renovation bit-by-bit.

Thanks very much for reading this blog entry and watching my new home tour. As I mentioned I will be making this a little series on my YouTube channel and there’s a playlist on my channel which I’ll add all videos to as well.

Have a great day, take care and stay safe – Glen.

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