The Work Begins

I am so excited to share this next instalment and update with you. I’ve been working (with the help of my lovely family and friends) on my house over the past month and my latest renovation video is now live. The first video I featured in the series was a tour of my house without any work completed and there has been quite a lot going on around all of us working full-time. We’ve taken any opportunity to get working here from evenings during the week to stints on weekends.

In this latest instalment you’ll see all of the wallpaper being stripped from each room, the start of the kitchen removal, dismantling of the wooden panelling and more! I have also spoken about some of the plans for the renovation work in this video and at the moment we’re still going with these ideas (although things may change!)

There hasn’t been too much outgoing money-wise so far as it’s mainly stripping everything to the bare bones in the property and we’ve been disposing of unusable waste by visiting the local tips. Any wood that has been removed from the property has been used (or is in process of being used) for wood kindling and to heat my neighbours house in their wood burner.

The only things I have purchased so far are a few padlocks, some light fittings and the kitchen but I will include the costs of everything in future videos as everything is installed. I’m going to try and keep as much of an accurate tally of what is being bought and paid for throughout the whole house renovation to be able to look back on the total cost of the project.

With that all being said… Enjoy the latest update of my home renovation series on my YouTube channel (and be sure to watch the previous video if you haven’t done so already.)

Thank you very much as always for reading this entry and watching the video of my house renovation. I am excited to continue sharing updates from the project as the weeks and months progress until I have a finished (and liveable) home. Have a lovely day, take care and stay safe – Glen.

2 thoughts on “The Work Begins

  1. So much hard work! It’s all coming along nicely. Thanks to everyone for helping out even Jadie’s little baby!

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