Under-Stairs Cupboard Gone!

So in this latest instalment of my house renovation we’ve had some exciting updates. Firstly the rubble, bricks and concrete between the two fireplaces (in the alcove) has been removed and cleared. The fireplace at the front has had the concrete slab taken out (which it was sitting on). The electrics have been stripped back in the kitchen. The Sky satellite dish from the back of the property was taken down. Tiles from the front step (which were dangerously slippery) have been removed and the cupboard under the stairs is gone!

Here’s the latest YouTube instalment of this latest work on the house. I think the most exciting part of this part of the renovation was removing the wooden storage / cupboard from under the stairs (sorry Harry!) This will open up the space a lot more and we’ll be removing the partition wall behind the brick pillar as well in time. At the moment there are electrics and a light attached so we’ll wait until the electrician comes back for that bit! My plan is to have the flooring put right through the living room and under the stairs so it’s one continuous space. We’ll cover up the back of the stairs with plasterboard before the room is all skimmed. I’m thinking of replacing the bannisters as well on the staircase to something more modern and upright spindles (in white) opposed to the orange-brown wood colour it currently is.

Thanks for taking a look at this latest update with the house. That’s about as much as we can do ourselves before having to get trade professionals in to begin the next projects so we’re contacting, getting quotes and arranging those bits now. I’m looking forward to sharing more updates with you as the next stages get underway! Have a great day, take care and stay safe – Glen.

2 thoughts on “Under-Stairs Cupboard Gone!

    1. Things are really progressing again now – went a little slow for a while but fingers crossed for lots of updates to share soon!


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