My name is Glen and over the past couple of years I have been spring-cleaning, managing my personal belongings (physical and digital) and moving towards a more minimalist lifestyle. I wanted to document my journey and provide some information and advice along the way to help other people looking to do the same.

With property prices in the UK increasing and mortgages becoming harder to get I am researching alternate means for my first home. Most of the options I am considering involve buying or renting land (including forestry which I could help conserve or a house with adequate land). I am passionate about tiny-living and owning very few items so I don’t need much space to live. Some of my options include building a tiny home on a trailer or converting spaces such as container units, vans, buses or similar. I have lots left to research and money to save in the meantime but I will be documenting everything along the way.

‘Keep only what sparks joy and discard the rest.’

– Marie Kondo