What is this page about?

I wanted to create a page on my website to share things I am doing to minimise my impact on our planet. I have been making quite a few changes in recent years, step by step, to accomplish this. I have a long way to go and I don’t think it’s ever something I will ‘complete’ however I am actively wanting to reduce my impact and help others make changes themselves as well. I hope you find this information useful.


My Carbon Footprint

7.0 tonnes annually

I have done quite a few different quizzes online to calculate my carbon footprint and get an idea of how much I need to do to offset this annually. The latest one I have completed is the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator. I periodically re-take this test so I’m keeping myself in check and to calculate any lifestyle changes or updates to the way I travel for example.


Funding Trees via Treeapp

208 trees funded

Something I do to offset my carbon footprint is funding the planting of trees globally with Treeapp. I am actually an ambassador for Treeapp as well and help to share this on my social media accounts. You can download the app for free and fund a tree a day by simply watching brief ads from eco-conscious companies. It’s also a great way to find products that are kind to our planet.


Funding Trees via Ecosia

35 trees funded

There are many ways to fund tree planting globally, another that I use is for my web searches via Ecosia. You can simply download their app or change your settings on your phone or computer. To do this you just switch your default search engine to Ecosia with a few simple clicks, pop in your email address to track your progress and hey-presto, you’re funding trees! Ecosia uses revenue from web searches to fund the trees (approx. 45 searches = 1 tree) so there is no cost to you, plus they take your privacy really seriously and publish monthly reports for ultimate transparency of their expenses.


Total Trees Funded

243 trees funded

Between Treeapp and Ecosia I have funded the planting of the number of trees above. This number has accumulated since 25th November 2020. It takes approximately 130 trees to offset my carbon footprint annually.


Vegan Diet

May 2018 onwards

One of the biggest changes I have made to reduce my carbon footprint is switching to a vegan diet back in May 2018. I actually made this transition overnight after a trip to the USA I had taken. I had been thinking about it for a while but I hadn’t planned switching in advance, I just took the leap! I am glad I did it this way as I think a gradual transition would have been harder for me. I have never felt better since the switch and I actually lost two stone (28lbs) that first summer alone without restricting what I was eating as long as it was vegan (and trust me when I say I tried every comfort food available including chocolates, biscuits, cakes, sweets, meat and dairy alternatives amongst others).

Last Updated: Sunday 20th June 2021.