 Apple macOS Mojave Review

Unfortunately my MacBook Pro from Early 2011 is no longer upgradeable with Apple’s new macOS releases. I am currently running macOS High Sierra but I have had the chance to use macOS Mojave in work on the iMac so can still post a quick review on it! I’ll be covering a few of the features I use/like most in this post.

Light Mode vs Dark Mode

Now this is a feature I had to switch to light mode as soon as I installed macOS Mojave. You can choose light or dark however I found that the Mail application was far too difficult to use. The text is light on a black background and I couldn’t get used to it at all. I have popped a light mode screenshot above and a dark mode below for you to see how the desktop changes.

To change between light and dark mode settings click on System Preferences > General > Appearance. The software will also prompt you to choose this upon installation of macOS Mojave.

Dynamic Desktop

This is a feature I am a huge fan of! I love the desktop changing throughout the day/night and the shadows on the sand dunes react to this depending on the time. I am looking forward to Apple releasing more of these as well in the future with future updates!

Mac App Store

The App Store has also been updated with macOS Mojave and has a totally new look. I like this new design and it definitely is great to have a refresh of the build in applications. I enjoy updating to the latest macOS release as it almost makes the computer feel like a new machine.

You can update to macOS Mojave (on MacBook Pro Late 2012 models and newer) by visiting the Mac App Store and searching for Mojave (it’ll likely be in the featured section as well on the homepage).

SMS Codes / Authentication

One feature I am really happy to see being brought to the Mac is autofill from SMS when you receive a code to authenticate a log-in or transaction. The Mac recognises when a code is received in Messages and now autofills this for you without having to do anything. This is a feature on iOS 12 that I really liked and it’s great to have it on desktop now as well. The text message also gets marked as read when the code is autofilled so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of the notification either!


The whole feel of macOS Mojave is very slick and I like how each year when the update is released it looks even better than the previous version. I have to admit I don’t use the Mac for absolutely everything it can do as it’s purely used for work and I use many of the built-in applications such as Mail, Messages, Pages, Safari and Reminders. I am gutted that I am unable to upgrade to macOS Mojave on my MacBook Pro as it’s a really fantastic computer and runs so well (I’ve upgraded the hard drive and had a new battery installed since I bought it back in 2011). I understand that Apple want to ensure that the software will run correctly on the machine but I upgraded the Mac massively when I purchased it (close to £3k before student discount was applied) and I’ve since installed a new hybrid SSD hard drive and battery.

Have you upgraded to macOS Mojave? If so, what do you think of it and what are your favourite features? Let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for reading and have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “ Apple macOS Mojave Review

  1. I love dynamic desktop too. I don’t use my MacBook Pro as often as I’d like to, but when I do, it always surprises me how thoughtful some of the little tweaks here and there have been over the generations of operating system upgrades. I hope they come up with a compromise or workaround to allow older systems to run the newer software.

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    1. Yeah me too, especially as I have a high spec model (nowhere near baseline specification) and a new hard drive and battery since then! It can totally handle it. It’s Apple’s way of getting us to buy new computers. I’m not changing though! 🙂


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